Sunday, April 17, 2011


BlackMagic Design went psycho at this year's NAB Show, announcing 13 new products. It's taken me a week to wade through all the press releases! Here is a sampling:

HyperDeck Shuttle

Who saw this coming? A portable field recorder that records to SSD drives in uncompressed 10 bit QuickTime format. HDMI and SDI inputs. For the insane price of $345. Shipping in May. A rack-mount version (Studio) adds 2 SSD slots and a tiny LCD screen, will be $999, and ships in the summer.


This Thunderbolt little box will give you HD-SDI, HDMI, Component all for $999 when it ships in the summer. Connects via Thunderbolt, so can be used on Mac notebooks and future iMacs.

Production Switchers

BlackMagic is getting into the video switcher business in a big way, announcing various models that will ship this summer.

ATEM Television Studio

This may be the most interesting announcement - a multi-input HD-SDI/HDMI switcher with H264 encoder, all for $999. Uses a software control panel to control the switcher. This may be the low-cost switcher we've been waiting for.

Resolve for Everybody

BlackMagic has decided everybody should colour-correct with DaVinci Resolve, so they are making a Lite version available later this summer for ... free. Gasp, choke.

Quite an impressive show for the Aussies. Now they just have to ship them, as those who have been waiting for the H264PRO Recorder to come out can testify to.